Damper Valve

Damper Valve

Rieco's Damper is a highly reliable solution designed to regulate the flow of air within duct systems. With options for manual or automatic operation, this damper is crafted with either a single flap or multiple louvers, tailored to its size and construction. Rieco’s Damper excels in versatility, capable of full open, full close, and precise intermediate positioning controlled by a dedicated positioner.

Designed to operate under both positive and negative pressure conditions, Rieco's Damper is built to withstand demanding environments. Available in circular, square, or rectangular shapes, these dampers are crafted to meet diverse process requirements.

Types of Valve

Manual Volume Control Damper

Manual Damper

Manual dampers are normally open and close type damper used for controlling the flow. Manual damper is used for small size or small torque application.

Electro Pneumatic Butterfly Damper

Electropneumatic Damper

The damper is operated electro pneumatically. The damper flap can be operated by pneumatic cylinder or actuator along with solenoid valve. It can be full open or full closed operation. To maintain a flap position an actuator is used which is responsible for movement and control. The accuracy level is remarkably high. Also, the operation speed is extremely high compared to manual damper. It can be used in small size to big size application.

Motorised Damper Valve

Motorised Damper

The damper flap can be operated by electric motor. It can be full open or full closed operation. Electric motor is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism to maintain the plate position. The accuracy level is high. Operation speed is high compared to a manual damper. It can be used in small size to big size application.

Operation of Rieco's damper

  • Mode Selection: The damper can be operated either manually or automatically, based on user preference and system requirements.
  • Flap Adjustment: The damper is designed with a single flap or multiple louvers. The position of these flaps or louvers can be adjusted to control the airflow. The flaps are moved to a desired angle to either permit or restrict air passage through the duct.
  • Position Control: For precise airflow control, the damper’s positioner allows it to be set to a specific position: full open, full close, or any intermediate position. The positioner can be a manual lever or an automated actuator connected to a control system.
  • Pressure Conditions: Rieco’s Damper is designed to operate effectively under both positive and negative pressure conditions, ensuring reliable performance in various operational scenarios.
  • Leakage Management: The damper is constructed to meet high standards, including Class IV leakage standards. This means that when the damper is in the closed position, it minimizes air leakage to a very low, defined rate.
  • Maintenance and Inspection: For long-term reliable operation, the damper should be periodically inspected and maintained. This may include checking the integrity of the seals, the condition of the actuator (if automatic), and the general health of the moving parts.
  • Safety and Compliance: The damper is designed to comply with relevant safety standards and should be operated in accordance with these standards to ensure safe and efficient functioning.


  • Variable Mode Operation: Dampers can be operated manually or automatically, providing flexibility in usage and integration with control systems.
  • Precise Position Control: Dampers come with a positioner that allows for precise adjustment, from full open to full close and any intermediate position.
  • Diverse Configurations: Available in various shapes and sizes, including circular, square, and rectangular, to suit different duct systems and process requirements.
  • Positive and Negative Pressure Operation: Engineered to perform reliably under both positive and negative pressure conditions.
  • High Leakage Standards: Constructed to meet stringent leakage standards, such as Class IV, ensuring minimal air escape when in the closed position.
  • Robust Construction: Made with durable materials to withstand harsh conditions and ensure a long operational life.
  • Variety of Material Options: Available in different materials of construction, including stainless steel and mild steel, to meet specific application requirements and environmental conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of maintenance with minimal moving parts and materials that resist wear and tear.
  • Energy Efficient: Engineered to optimize airflow and reduce energy consumption.
  • Sealing Options: Various sealing options are available (e.g., rubber, silicone) to further reduce leakage and improve efficiency.
  • Actuator Compatibility: Can be integrated with various types of actuators (e.g., pneumatic, electric) for automated control.

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