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EMOD™ - Dome-Shaped Valve

EMOD™ - Dome-Shaped Valve

EMOD™, Rieco's Dome-Shaped Valve is an electropneumatic valve designed for precise control of material flow in various systems, including those handling abrasive, hazardous, or toxic materials. Operated through a linear cylinder or a rotary actuator, this valve features a unique inflated seal system. This prevents the passage of materials and the escape of gases, ensuring a secure and leak-proof system. The EMOD™ - Valve with a Curved Dome is engineered for versatility, offering full open, full close, and position-controlled operations through an integrated positioner.

Operation of EMOD™ Dome-Shaped Valve

The operation of Rieco's EMOD™ - Dome-Shaped Valve is a sophisticated, yet efficient process that ensures precise control over material flow. Here is a concise breakdown of the operational steps:

  • Initialization: The valve starts in either a fully open or fully closed position. In the closed state, the dome is in place, blocking material flow, while in the open state, the pathway is clear for material to pass through.
  • Seal Inflation (Closing Phase): When the valve needs to be closed, compressed air is introduced into the inflated seal system. This high-pressure air causes the seal to expand around the dome’s periphery, creating a robust and airtight seal that prevents the passage of materials and the escape of gases.
  • Maintaining Closed Position: With the inflated seal securely in place, the valve remains in a closed position. The material is effectively blocked, and the system remains sealed and leak-proof.
  • Seal Relaxation (Opening Phase): To transition the valve to an open position, the compressed air is released from the seal system. This causes the seal to relax and a controlled gap to be re-established around the dome.
  • Opening the Valve: With the seal relaxed and the gap re-established, the actuator (either linear or rotary) is activated to move the dome to an open position. This opens the path for materials to pass through the valve.
  • Position Control (Optional): The valve can be controlled not only in fully open or fully closed states but also in intermediate positions. This is facilitated by an integrated positioner, which receives signals to adjust the valve to a desired position, allowing for precise control of material flow.
  • Repeat Cycle: After the material has passed through or when the need to stop the flow arises again, the cycle repeats, starting from either the closing or opening phase as required.

Rieco's EMOD™ operates by utilizing compressed air to inflate or relax a seal, which in conjunction with an actuator, controls the position of the dome, and thereby the flow of material through the valve. This design allows for full open, full close, and finely controlled intermediate positions, making it a versatile solution in various material handling applications.


  • Electropneumatic Operation: Powered by either a linear cylinder or a rotary actuator, enabling precise control over the valve’s positioning and material flow.
  • Inflated Seal System: Uses compressed air to inflate a seal that expands around the dome’s periphery, creating a robust and airtight seal.
  • Leak-Proof Design: The inflatable seat valves ensure leak-proof sealing in continuous operation while operating to isolate a pressure differential
  • Zero Contact: The inflatable seat is not in contact with the closing member during opening and closing.
  • High Temperature Resistance: Applications up to 380°C can be provided without damaging the inflatable seat elastomer.
  • High Pressure Tolerance: Applications up to 20 bar(g) can be provided, showcasing the valve's capability to operate under high-pressure conditions.
  • Position Control: Integrated positioner allows for full open, full close, and intermediate position control, enabling precise regulation of material flow.
  • Durability: Constructed with materials designed to withstand harsh and abrasive conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

These features collectively make Rieco's EMOD™ a highly effective, reliable, and versatile solution for a wide range of material handling applications.

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