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Transforming Carbon Black Manufacturing

Carbon black, a pure carbon form, is produced via regulated incomplete combustion, with a rising demand for higher quality and finer grades. At RIECO, we provide customized systems for achieving the desired fineness, with machines that yield high capacity, consistency, and maintainability.

Our approach uses pyrolysis, a heat catalytic process, to recycle tyre rubber into carbon black and other products. This Recovered Carbon Black (RCB) is further processed for different grade requirements. We offer end-to-end RCB processing solutions, and with our efficient team, we boast over 1000 installations globally.

Our offerings in Carbon Black Industry

  • Carbon Black Feeding Systems: Our feeding systems are engineered to precisely and efficiently deliver carbon black into the production process. With advanced control features, we ensure accurate dosing, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.
  • Mixing and Blending Equipment: Our mixing and blending solutions like ribbon blender Vertical blender are designed to achieve uniform dispersion and distribution of carbon black in various compounds, ensuring consistent product quality and performance.
  • Carbon Black Silo Systems: We provide robust and reliable silo systems for the storage and handling of carbon black. Our silos are designed to maintain the integrity of the material, prevent contamination, and enable smooth and controlled discharge.
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems: We provide advanced pneumatic conveying systems specifically designed for dust free operation for carbon black. These systems utilize compressed air or other gases to transport carbon black particles through pipelines, ensuring reliable and efficient transfer between different process stages or storage units, mixing or grinding units.
  • Carbon Black Grinding Systems: We provide advanced grinding systems specifically designed micro pulveriser & air classifying mills for carbon black. These systems utilize specialized grinding mills and equipment to break down carbon black particles into finer sizes, enhancing surface area and improving dispersion in different applications.
  • Rotary Airlock Valves: For carbon black applications, we offer high-quality rotary airlock valves. These valves serve as a crucial component in pneumatic conveying systems, allowing the controlled transfer of carbon black particles between different process stages. Our rotary airlock valves are engineered to withstand the abrasive nature of carbon black, ensuring reliable and efficient material flow while minimizing air leakage and preventing contamination.

Different Types of Carbon Black:

  • Recovered Carbon Black (rCB):A sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black, rCB is produced by recycling carbon black from used rubber products. It reduces waste and carbon emissions while offering performance comparable to virgin carbon black. Our equipment is tailored to handle rCB's specific properties and processing needs.
  • Oil Burned Carbon Black (oCB): Also known as thermal black, oCB is created through incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products. It is essential in applications needing high reinforcement and conductivity. Our solutions are engineered for efficient processing of oCB, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Processed Carbon Black: This type of carbon black undergoes additional treatment to enhance specific properties, such as dispersibility and color strength. Our equipment accommodates various processing needs for these modified forms of carbon black.

At RIECO INDUSTRIES LTD, we specialize in high-performance catering equipment and custom solutions for the carbon black industry. With extensive knowledge and experience, we deliver state-of-the-art equipment for efficient, reliable operations that boost productivity and performance.

Customized Solutions: Recognizing each carbon black facility's unique requirements, we offer bespoke solutions. Our team collaborates closely with clients to create equipment and systems tailored to their manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless integration and maximum effectiveness.

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