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Enhance Your Spice flavors with our Automation Technology!

Spices, derived from various plant parts, are not only appetizing but also possess medicinal properties and essential oils that boost immunity. Processing spices presents challenges in maintaining pungency, controlling dust, and retaining their valuable properties. At RIECO, we provide a comprehensive, customized solution for spice processing, from conceptualization to efficient setup of turnkey projects. Our offerings range from standalone equipment to fully Automated Spice Processing plants. Automation includes Cleaning, Grinding, Blending, Sieving, Material Handling, Bulk Storage, recipe management, and Packing, minimizing human intervention and ensuring high-quality, hygienic products.

Our value add in spices


Cleaning system for Whole Spices
Grinding Systems
Recipe management System
Blending System
Bulk Bag Packing

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For Safesteril Steam Sterilizer
For Heavy Duty Grinding Equipment
For Pressure Vessels Specially Designed for Foundry Sand
For Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)
To Provide Best Explosion and Fire Protection Devices


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