Phenolic Resins Grinding

Phenolic Resins Grinding

Phenol Formaldehyde Resins are synthesized by blending phenol and formaldehyde at 120 °C in specialized kettles, using catalysts. The resultant liquid, once air-cooled in trays beneath the kettles, solidifies into a rigid form. This solidified resin requires manual breakage. Understanding the intricacies and challenges posed by this process, Rieco steps in with its expertise. We proudly present solutions optimized for the effective handling and precise grinding of dry phenolic resins, ensuring both quality and efficiency in the final output.


  • Pre-Cutting in Crusher: Dry phenolic resins, ranging from 4-10 inches, are first pre-cut in our robust Heavy-duty crusher. This reduces them to a size of 5mm or smaller, with a capacity ranging from 500-2000 Kg/hr.
  • Pre-Blending with Additives: The pre-cut resins are then combined with a hardener, binder, and fillers in our high-efficiency Ribbon blenders. These blenders ensure a homogenous mix while maintaining optimal power consumption.
  • Fine Grinding in ACM: The homogenous mix is then fed into the Air Classifying Mill (ACM). The ACM ensures uniform granulation with a narrow bandwidth, optimal for phenolic resin applications. Given the hygroscopic and heat-sensitive nature of the phenolic resin powder, the ACM can be equipped with a heat exchanger system for cool grinding. The ACM processes feed sizes of 3-7 mm or smaller and outputs a fineness of 99% passing 200 MESH BSS.
  • Product Collection & Dust Control: The finely ground product is transported pneumatically to our High-efficiency Bag Filter system. This setup guarantees a dust-free operation, adhering to stringent pollution norms.
  • Post-Blending and Packing Solutions: The grounded product is returned to the Ribbon blender, ensuring a final uniform and homogeneous batch. As a part of our comprehensive turnkey solution, we also offer packing systems ideal for bulk bag packaging.

Our streamlined operation optimizes efficiency at each step, ensuring the highest quality end product for our clients.


  • Size Reduction: Grinding transforms phenolic resins from larger chunks into fine particles, optimizing them for various applications.
  • Cooling Arrangement: Given the heat-sensitive nature of phenolic resins, modern grinding systems incorporate cooling mechanisms to prevent alteration in the resin's properties.
  • Output Precision: Grinding systems are capable of achieving specific fineness levels, such as 99% passing 200 MESH BSS, crucial for certain applications.
  • Flexibility in Feed Size: Modern grinding systems can accommodate a wide range of feed sizes, from several inches to millimetres, without compromising on the output quality.
  • Consistency in Granulation: Advanced grinding techniques provide uniform particle sizes, resulting in a consistent product quality.
  • Homogenous Mixing: In addition to grinding, systems ensure thorough mixing with additives like hardeners, binders, and fillers, achieving a uniform product.
  • Cool Grinding: Modern grinding techniques can incorporate cool grinding mechanisms to protect the heat-sensitive nature of phenolic resin powder.
  • Dust Control: High-efficiency filtration and collection systems minimize dust emissions, ensuring both worker safety and environmental compliance.
  • Custom Granulation: Advanced grinding processes allow for tailored particle sizes, catering to specific application requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern grinding systems are designed to maximize output while minimizing power consumption.
  • Pollution Norm Compliance: Contemporary grinding solutions comply with stringent environmental standards, ensuring sustainable operations.
  • Seamless Integration: Grinding processes can be integrated seamlessly with pre and post-processing stages, ensuring a smooth production flow.
  • Turnkey Solutions: Some systems offer end-to-end solutions, from initial grinding to packing, ensuring streamlined operations for users.


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