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Our Accurate Weighing and Batching Systems for Precise Bulk Powder Handling ensures the precise measurement and handling of bulk materials in various industries. These control systems are designed based on either gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight principles, providing accurate and repeatable results.

Our weighing and batching systems are versatile and can be used to fill containers such as bags, hoppers, or mixers with the exact quantity of powder needed. They also ensure the precise addition of materials into batches during mixing processes. The crux of these systems lies in their ability to deliver accuracy and repeatability in bulk material handling.

Automated control and display units can be installed for efficient monitoring of weighing system performance and output. These systems are widely used in industries such as coffee making, spices, bakery, minerals, and others where accurate ingredient handling is critical to the process.

At RIECO, we have a proven track record with various installations across industries, showcasing our expertise in delivering correct and precise ingredient handling systems. Contact us to explore how our weighing and batching solutions can optimize your bulk powder handling processes by weighing hoppers effectively.


We offer various two types of Weighing and Batching arrangements-

Gain-in-Weight Batching

In a gain-in-weight batching system, a volumetric feeder is used to deliver the material into a weighing hopper. As the material is added, the weighing hopper measures the weight, and the feeders continue to release material until the set weight is reached, triggering the feeder to stop. For applications with multiple ingredients, each material is added individually to the weigh hopper until the set weight is achieved. This controlled process results in the hopper containing distinct layers for each ingredient, ensuring precise and controlled discharge.

Loss-in-Weight Batching

In a loss-in-weight batching system, multiple ingredients are fed into a collection hopper using precisely controlled dosing feeders. Each feeder is equipped with a weighing load cell to measure the weight of the material within. As the feeders release material into the hopper, the system tracks the amount of material released by measuring the weight loss in the feeder. This method is particularly useful when precise weight measurements are essential, and it reduces batch mixing time as all the materials are introduced into the hopper simultaneously, resulting in a blended mixture.

Recipe Preparation

Various ingredients are precisely loaded to a batch hopper either using any of the 2 methods as stated above. Precise time management and conveying of ingredients is key factor while designing the system. Typical systems are used in various industries where mixing, batching, and weighing is a very important part in their process.

We have various running installations across industries like coffee making, spices, bakery, minerals, etc having the capability to demonstrate correct and accurate ingredient handling system.

  • Accurate Measurement: Ensures precise weighing and batching of bulk materials, maintaining consistency in the desired quantities.
  • Gain-in-Weight Principle: Volumetric feeders are used to deliver materials into a weighing hopper, allowing for controlled material addition until the set weight is reached.
  • Loss-in-Weight Principle: Multiple ingredients are fed into a collection hopper using precise dosing feeders equipped with load cells, enabling accurate measurement of the material released.
  • Flexible Batch Control: Enables the addition of different ingredients to the weigh hopper one at a time, ensuring precise measurement for each ingredient.
  • Automated Controls: Equipped with automated controls and display units for efficient monitoring of system efficiency and output.
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduces batch mixing time by introducing multiple ingredients into the hopper simultaneously, resulting in a blended mixture.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries, including coffee making, spices, bakery, minerals, and more, where accurate ingredient handling is crucial.
  • Enhanced Process Control: Provides precise time management and conveying of ingredients, optimizing process efficiency and ensuring consistent quality.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems and processes.
  • Proven Expertise: Demonstrated success with running installations across industries, showcasing the correct and accurate handling of ingredients.

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