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Discover RIECO's superior product portfolio, catering to both industrial and decorative sectors. We provide solutions from raw material management to clean air systems, encapsulating processes like transfer, storage, grinding, and sieving. Our offerings feature innovations like multiple discharge arrangements for layout flexibility in Silos and Hoppers, abrasion protection for rotating machinery, and cool grinding systems for heat-sensitive materials in powder coating applications.

Leverage our expansive experience in handling diverse Pigments used in paints, inks, plastics, fiber, cosmetics, food, and other industries. Benefit from our automated machines, designed to enhance efficiency and minimize manpower for optimized operations.

Our Solutions in Your Paint Industry

Paint Powder Handling: Where we add Value

Horizontal Unloading Valves
Screw Conveyors
Roots blowers
Load Cells & Level switches
Rotary Airlock Valves
Divertor Valves
Silo Design & fabrication
Silo Fluidization
Charge Hoppers
Bin Activators
Weight Hoppers
Bag packing machines
Bag filter
Bag Slitting Machines
Bulker unloading machines
Belt Conveyor/Robotic De-palletizers
Vibro-Sileves & Inlet Magnetic Seperators
Jumbo Bag Unloading Stations (with hoist arrangement)
1. Silo Charging
2. Silo Discharge to Hopper
3. Valves & Equipment

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Our Collaborators

For Safesteril Steam Sterilizer
For Heavy Duty Grinding Equipment
For Pressure Vessels Specially Designed for Foundry Sand
For Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)
To Provide Best Explosion and Fire Protection Devices

Our Customers


Fluidizing cone arrangement for very fine and non free flowing material critical material like TiO2
Flat bottom self supported silo design to avoid huge civil structure
Silo storage system
Weighing & Batching System
Raw Material Unloading Station
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