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Catalysing Sustainable Progress in the Fertilizer Industry

The fertilizer industry is vital for agricultural productivity and global food security, but its operation involves significant environmental considerations. At RIECO, we address these issues by introducing solutions that cut down on emissions, reduce manpower, and streamline processes.

With our expertise, we install efficient fume extraction systems for NH3 Vapours, Sulfuric Acid plant fumes, and other hazardous vapours. Additionally, we are proficient in all Crushing, Milling & Screen Circuits, and material handling Circuits such as RP/SSP, NPK/DAP, Limestone, & Gypsum.


Urea Prilling tower De dusting system-Indorama
Scrubbing system for Crushing and screening system
Bagging Plant De Dusting system for DAP/NPK Material

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For Safesteril Steam Sterilizer
For Heavy Duty Grinding Equipment
For Pressure Vessels Specially Designed for Foundry Sand
For Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)
To Provide Best Explosion and Fire Protection Devices

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