Retrofitting and
Revamping Solutions

Retrofitting and Revamping Solutions

For many years, the air pollution emission norms were lenient, and no major emphasis or attention was given to reduce the industrial pollution. With stricter government regulations now in place, industries are upgrading their pollution control equipment to meet lower emission standards. In certain industries, such as cement production, pollution control equipment also functions as a product recovery system. Hence, existing plants which built under older emission norms, must be revamped to comply with new regulations. Despite various constraints in re-designing these systems, we have several Retrofitting and Revamping Solutions available to match the current standards.


We offer the following Retrofitting and Revamping Solutions

Upgrading the existing ESP

As emission standards become more stringent, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) need to be upgraded to meet these requirements. RIECO has extensive experience in air pollution control, and we have developed a vast database of system behaviour for different applications.

  • Key features :
    • Sawtooth design of discharge electrode in SS Material: for one electrode 2 Discharge electrode is provided, this design generates a better electric field effect and corona effect, which improves the collection efficiency of the ESP.
    • Profile collecting plate and arrangement: This design minimizes spark production, which increases the reliability of the ESP.
    • Vast database of TR sets: This database allows us to optimize the performance of the ESP by changing the combination of TR sets on a frequency basis to achieve better efficiency.
    • Rieco has both the cleaning design Magnetic impulse Rapper and Tumbler hammer Design Rapper which enables our retrofitting range wider.
Upgrading Existing bag House

As emission norms become more stringent and government policies change to address climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to upgrade existing bag filters. Rieco offers a comprehensive bag filter upgradation service that includes:

  • Key features :
    • Study and analysis of existing System: We use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to verify the flow and pressure drop (DP) of the system, ensuring that the least possible resistance is incurred across the system. This results in a longer lifespan and lower power consumption.
    • Advanced cleaning system: Our in-house developed cleaning system allows us to clean bags up to 10 meters long and 20 bags per valve, which helps to come off the space challenges in the existing system.
    • Optimized flow distribution: Our flow distribution technique ensures that the entire bag is used for the filtration process, resulting in maximum efficiency.
Conversion of ESP in to bag filter

ESPs have certain limitations in terms of outlet emission. As emission norms become more stringent, there are some ESPs that are no longer able to meet the required standards. In these cases, bag filters can be a viable option. Bag filters have several advantages over ESPs, including:

  • Key features :
    • They can achieve higher collection efficiencies.
    • They are less sensitive to variations in the gas flow.
    • They are more reliable and have a longer lifespan.

The bag filter can be designed to fit within the existing ESP structure, which can save on the cost of new Installation.

If there is Trough type Hopper and the application demands the Off-Line filter in that case, we have a semi-offline filter design which helps for better cleaning of the bags: If the application requires an offline bag filter, a semi-offline design can be used. This design allows for better cleaning of the bags.


  • Lower Emissions: Achieve cleaner gas dust emissions compared to traditional systems.
  • Enhanced Capacity: Upgrade systems to handle increased volume flow rates and dust loads.
  • Compliance with Standards: Ensure alignment with the latest emission norms.
  • Space Optimization: Efficient designs that maximize functionality while minimizing space requirements. Especially beneficial for cramped layouts where new equipment space is limited; plant/duct layout remains unchanged.
  • Economical Bag Filter Design: Utilize low-pressure pulse jet cleaning combined with bag lengths up to 8m for ESP conversions. This results in decreased pressure drop across filter bags, leading to extended bag life and lower power consumption.
  • Cost Savings: Reuse of existing casings, ductwork, steel supports, dust transport, and auxiliary equipment offers significant cost savings.
  • Reduced Downtime: The flexible and pre-assembled filter head module design ensures minimum downtime, allowing ESP conversions during regular plant shutdown periods.
  • Efficient Dust Load Management: With the majority of the dust load managed in the ESP section, cleaning requirements in the Bag Filter section are minimized, leading to reduced compressed air consumption and longer bag life.
  • Cost-Effective: A more economical solution compared to the cost of new installations.
  • Safety Measures: Incorporation of safety features to ensure operational safety and reduce risks.
  • Low Maintenance Needs: Designed for reduced maintenance intervals and ease of service.
  • Eco-friendly Designs: Solutions that prioritize environmental protection and sustainability.

This comprehensive list outlines the full range of features and benefits of our Retrofitting and Revamping Solutions.

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