Pneumatic Conveying, Silo Storage and Tanker Unloading system

Bakery & Confectionery
Largest noodle, rusk & biscuit manufacturer in northern India
Delhi NCR
About the Client

Raw material received in 22 m3 tanker and 25 Kg Bag was to be unloaded and stored in storage silos. Storage capacity requirement was for 150 MT. Precise quantity of material was to be transferred from Silo to the mixer/Bowl at about 100m distance inside the building for manufacturing of Rusk and Noodles.


RIECO offered Lean Phase Conveying System, 3 Nos. of 100 m3 Silo in SS 304 for Wheat Flour and Tanker unloading system to silo.

Positive pressure Lean phase conveying systems operate above atmospheric pressure and are used to convey wheat flour and sugar through special conveying rotary air lock valves. Weighing & batching systems are used to precisely fill the mixers with wheat flour and sugar. The weighing hopper takes weight measurements, and the feeders continue to release material until a set weight is reached within the hopper which triggers and gives that signal to the feeder to stop.

Why Pneumatic conveying system, Silo Storage and Tanker unloading System

  • Total hygiene is maintained due to zero human intervention as required in Food Industry.
  • Storage Silo is extensively used where the requirement is for nonstop production during supply chain disruptions. This bulk storage also ensures high quantity of powders handled in production line as manual handling does not suffice to such huge production requirements.
  • It also provides a clean and dust free operation ensuring zero contact of human on the product.
  • Less spillage resulting in good yield recovery.
  • Flexibility in routing – can be transported vertically and horizontally by the addition of a bend in the pipeline
  • Automized powder handing ensuring better process controls, less manpower, safety in plants
  • Total hygiene is maintained due to less exposure of manhandling
  • Dust free operation, less spillage resulting in good yield recovery.
  • Smooth discharge through Silo outlet as material was having 14 % moisture
  •  Ensuring a completely leakproof system.
  • Precise quantity of material to be transferred to the mixer
  • 15 TPH Conveying Capacity from Tanker to Silo for Wheat Flour
  • 3 TPH Conveying Capacity from Silo to Mixer for Wheat Flour
  • 3 TPH Conveying Capacity from Bag Dump Station to Mixer for Sugar
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