Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying System

Chemical intermediate manufacturing giant
Jhagadia, Gujarat
Customer Requirement –
  • Conveying an explosive powder is a severe hazard to the work environment and human safety. The customer’s requirement was to convey this powder without causing any risk of explosion and exposure to people and work environment.
Duty Conditions
  • System
    Parameters: Closed loop pneumatic conveying system with Nitrogen Media
  • Material Handled
    Parameters: Bisphenol-A
  • Material Forms
    Parameters: Prills/Flakes/Powder
  • Material Bulk Density
    PRILL FORM: – 600-720 kg/m3
    FLAKE FORM: -600-720 kg/m3
    POWDER FORM: -500-650 kg/m3
  • Conveying capacity
    4.0 TPH
  • Conveying distance
    TOTAL: – 12O MTRS
  • No. of bends
    10 NOS
  • Dissipating the electrostatic charge generated during conveying to reduce risk of ignition.
  •  Ensuring a completely leakproof system and detecting oxygen levels so that an alarm will be triggered if the levels reach a dangerous value.

RIECO’s Lean Phase (Nitrogen/Inert Gas) based closed loop pneumatic conveying system. We installed Closed loop bulk material handling system with FIBC unloading station and pneumatic hoist specially designed complying the hazardous zone classifications.

It eliminated the risk of explosion while handling explosive/flammable materials.

Risk of exposure to toxic and hazardous materials can also be eliminated by a closed loop system.

Why a closed loop system?

Risk of exposure to radioactive and toxic materials can be eliminated by using a closed loop system.

Why an Inert gas based closed loop Pneumatic Conveying System?

For an explosion to occur, the three elements required are:

  • Combustible dust (Fuel)
  • An ignition source (Heat) and
  • Oxygen.

Moving parts generate static charges which can ignite the combustible material. A pneumatic conveying system has lesser moving parts than a mechanical conveying system hence static charge generation is less. Prevention of ignition can be guaranteed by providing an inert environment (usually Nitrogen). For the economic consumption of the inert gas, a closed loop pneumatic conveying system is used.

System Description

The system consists of a pneumatic hoist which helps in unloading the jumbo bag from the jumbo bag pallets to the Bag dump station. From the Bag dump station, the material is carried in a closed loop in presence of nitrogen to clients’ Powder Melter. Oxygen Analysers are used to measure oxygen (O2) level in the closed loop to ensure work environment and human safety.

  • Minimal moving parts come in contact with the powder thus reducing the risk of ignition by the generated static charge.
  •  Nitrogen provides an inert environment and guarantees complete prevention of ignition.
  •  By using a closed loop system, Nitrogen is consumed economically and thus operating cost is substantially reduced.
  • Work environment and human safety is ensured by preventing explosion and exposure to radioactive or toxic substances.

RIECO accomplished these challenges and delivered a system with conveying capacity of 4.0 Tons/hr., and free from explosion, radiation, and toxic hazards.

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