Benefits of Fume Extraction System

Industrial development is the key to improved infrastructure and a booming economy but its harmful effect on the environment has always been detrimental. With the world and its people becoming increasingly aware of the dwindling state of nature, our moral responsibility to locate and create sustainable solutions is now absolute need of the hour.

Production activities constantly generate a multitude of particulates and hazardous gases which pollute the air not only in the environment but within the facility itself. The toxic dust, fumes and pollen is a huge health hazard for employees working within the facility. Risk of lung damage, serious pulmonary problems and a compromised respiratory system are a few sweeping threats.

Release of such toxic fumes is not industry specific. From welding, forging, woodworks, printing, plastering or plastic to label a few. The fumes released are of dense nature and mostly heavier than air. They tend to accumulate at a faster pace and impose major risks unless forced out through a draught. When escaping into the atmosphere, these fumes may generate acidic rain or acid dew as a result of chemical activity. They have inherently caused several imbalances in the ecosystem due to elevated pH levels and subsequent distress to plant life.

Clean air solutions support technology and moderation. A well-equipped Fume Extraction & Treatment System (FES) pursues to purify fugitive gases, smoke and dust released via Industrial combustion. These residual fugitive gases released from furnaces are extremely damaging to human health and environment. The FES targets a more check at source solution to this emission. Some vital benefits have been enumerated below.

1. Point of Source Extraction

  • The specially designed suction hoods capture these unrestrained fumes to pass it through distinctly designed pollution control equipment and subsequently release cleaner air. The mechanism of lowering temperatures and breaking the heat envelope acts as dust separators to deliver desired upshot. The FES is a contrived effort to tackle the muddle of Industrial air emission and Air Pollution.

2. Health & Safety Standards

  • A Fume Extraction & Treatment System acknowledges your environmental responsibilities. It helps you to meet the Industry standards & statutory obligations with respect to health, safety, and quality.

3. Employee Welfare

  • An efficient FES has shown a positive impact on employee’s health and productivity. A cleaner, safer working environment is encouraging and fulfilling.

4. Product Quality

  • The right FES withdraws the particles from air more effectively which increases the life span of your plant and machinery and ultimately optimize maintenance costs.
  • Every individual, every little step counts when it comes to reducing the harmful impacts of such Industrial activities. A well-equipped FES is a step in the right direction – curb air pollution, be energy efficient and responsible.
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